Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

Written on by Nadiyah
Lemon with Coarse Salt

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Eco-friendly cleaning tips that actually work? Yes, there are many! Cleaning without chemicals sometimes has you feeling less than clean around the house. We are experts in eco-friendly house cleaning, so naturally we like to find eco- friendly cleaning tips that actually work! looking for eco-friendly ways of cleaning that actually do work. We have the trick for those busy, not-having-enough-time through out the day people who just want to do it done… and you guessed it, all chemical-free!

1. Use Baking Soda to Get Rid with Ants
Coming across this method was actually done by accident. Not knowing that a client was having a little insect issue, we sprinkled our Bom Ami powder in her sink (and drain) and let it sit for about 5 minutes to prep for cleaning. With only 5 active ingredients, the baking soda is what actives the insect. Not knowing whether the powder is powdered sugar and fine sugar, the ants carries it back to the nest and poisons the rest of the insects. When digested, the acid interacts with their digestive system and are instantly killing… or in better words, they explode.

2. Use Toothpaste to Clean Silverware
Silver polishes are highly toxic so why would you want to use them on your silverware? Squeeze a pea size amount onto a cotton rag and gently buff out clean to your desired level of shine. Rinse with warm water and dry with a cotton dish towel.

3. Using Dry Sheets along Baseboards
Any brand dryer sheet will do with the clever cleaning tips. Take one dryer sheets and run it alongside your baseboards. The static from the dryer sheets, rid your base boards from any hair or dust. Also, it brightens up this area and the residue from the sheet also makes it easily to clean for weeks. Just take a feather duster or cloth to easily wipe away anything you see. Try it!

4. Rubbing Chalk on Grease Stains
This tip is for times you accidentally drip oil on your favorite shirt or upholstery and immediately need to clean it up. Instead of blotting or rubbing the area with a towel, rub chalk over the the stain and the chalk will adsorb the soaked area. If the area hasn’t fully dried out, rub the area with chalk once more before throwing it in the laundry.

5. Use Lemons and Coarse Salt in the Kitchen Sink
After cooking a gourmet meal, use your leftover lemons and coarse salt to clean the kitchen sink. This trick is a sure fire way to clean in case you don’t have your favorite cleaning solution. Take a half slice of lemon, sprinkle some coarse salt on the lemon and gently rub the lemon in a circular motion. Then rinse to remove the lemon-salt paste, and wipe clean with a dry cloth.

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