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5 Things To Make Cleaning More Fun

Make Cleaning More Fun

Unless you’ve been blessed with Disney woodland creatures that will do your house cleaning for you chances are regular cleaning is on your to-do list. House cleaning isn’t for everyone. With jobs, and after school schedules occupying our time the thought of doing regular housework can send some into a tailspin of despair. Instead of dreading your cleaning routine we’ve compiled a list of ways to make house cleaning more fun!

  1.  Set a Schedule. Everyone is different, and some may like to complete a task each day. Such as Bathrooms get cleaned on Mondays, the Kitchen gets cleaned on Tuesdays, the Bedrooms are cleaned on Wednesdays etc. For others cleaning the whole house on Saturday morning is the surest way to get everything done. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander or so they say.  So, if it’s a little every day or one designated day during the week set a cleaning schedule that works for you, and stick to it.
  2. Delegate Tasks. Share duties with whomever you share your living space. Creating a chore chart is a great way to keep track of who is responsible for taking out the trash, or cleaning the bathrooms. Do you have tiny humans running around your house that look like you? They can get in on the fun as well. There are plenty of age appropriate chores they can do. After all isn’t that why you had them, for the free labor?
  3. Play that Funky Music. Our next bit of advice? Crank up the music! Ask Alexa to play your favorite tunes, power up your Bose or record player and go to town. Open up the windows if the weather allows to get the air circulating.  Shake your groove thang! Once those happy hormones start flowing you’ll forget that you are doing housework at all. Pro Tip The broom makes for a killer guitar.
  4. Reward Yourself. One of our favorite tips is to treat yourself once all the work is done. Take yourself out to lunch, or buy yourself a pretty bouquet of flowers. Something to look forward to once the cleaning is finished is just the motivation you need!
  5. Hire a House Cleaning Professional. And last but not least……Hire a professional!  Once a month hire a cleaning service to come in and get all the nooks and crannies. Knowing that you can leave in the morning and come home to a perfectly cleaned space is just about the best gift you can give yourself. Unless you can find some rabbits and mice that are up for the task. Then you should definitely do that. You can even send them our way.


What do you do to make housekeeping more enjoyable? We would love to know. Comment below with your tips and tricks.

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